Tea (& Specialty Beverage) Menu (final update: 06.02.10)

Mary's Of Course used to offer the following hot teas:

Green Teas
Gunpowder... round, tightly rolled grayish green leaves.
Roasted Green... earthy tasting roasted greeen tea.
Genmai Cha... a unique blend of Japanese Sencha with toasted partially puffed rice kernels.
Organic Green Tea Garden... green tea with cinnamon & chamomile.
Bancha... a Japanese tea with herbaceous aroma, smooth character and a pale jade liquor.

Black Teas
Assam... from Northern India; a full-bodied tea with a malt taste.
Darjeeling... from the foothills of the Himalayas; has a sweet fruity aroma with a unique aftertaste.
English Breakfast... a robust & full-flavored tea from India & Ceylon; takes well to milk & sugar.
Lapsang Souchong... gains a distinct "tarry" flavor & smoky tang from its pine-fired drying process.
Irish Breakfast... unique blend of small & large leaf Assam; full-bodied with a brisk near malt taste.
Mountain Kenya... makes a strong cup that's highly invigorating; from the African continent.
P.G. Tips... robust English Breakfast blend of only tea plant "tips;" great with milk, sugar or honey.
Indonesian... blend of exquisite teas from the islands of Indonesia; a dark & rich-tasting cup.
China Keemun... one of China's finest black teas. Superbly crafted leaf tips; an aromatic sweetness.

Black Infusions
Lavender... black tea with lavender flowers.
Oriental Spice... black tea with spices and dried orange pieces.
Vanilla... black tea infused with vanilla flavor.
Violet... black tea with violet flowers.
Almond... black tea with bits of almond.

Herbal Tisanes (all decaf)
Blood Orange... bits of dried blood oranges.
Chamomile... whole dried flowers of the chamomile plant.
Lemon Verbena... leaves of the lemon verbena plant.
Peppermint... leaves of the peppermint plant.
Spearmint... leaves of the spearmint plant.
Witch Blend... hibiscus, blackberry leaves, dried orange peels, dried apples & sunflowers.
Rooibos..."red" tea grown only in South Africa; low in tannins & high in antioxidants.
South African Honeybush... herbal infusion of honeybush plant; a pleasing floral-citrus flavor.

Scented Tea
Jasmine... tea scented with jasmine blossoms, a sweet brew with an exotically fragrant aroma.
Earl Grey... a delicately scented blend of large leaf black tea & oil of Bergamot.

White Teas
White teas are rare and delicate, as they've not been fermented (merely dried) and should not be steeped for more than three minutes... ask staff for selections.

Chrysanthemum flowers... a golden infusion with mild honey-like notes & savory sage nuance. Chrysanthemum has a long history in Chinese medicine for healing properties.

Tulsi Tea (Mary is proud to share Holy Basil with you; having introduced it to the menu in 2004.)
Tulsi (Original Blend)... a tea from the most sacred herb of India; revered for over five millennia.
Tulsi Ginger... Holy Basil with bits of dried ginger.
Tulsi Gotukola... Holy Basil and an herb reported to enhance memory, concentration and calm.
Tulsi Chai... Holy Basil with Chai spices.
Tulsi Green... Holy Basil and green tea blend.

China Sechung... delicate in flavor with a pleasing taste and lively bouquet (semi-fermented).


Of course, Mary's also serves 30 other specialty teas which she only features for a limited time. With approximately 65 varities of tea to choose from, we hope you'll find one to make your favorite. Check the chalk boards or ask your waitstaff for more options. Other items are available if Hot Tea is not what you're looking for, like these Beverage Specialties :

Regular Iced Tea
Flavored Iced Tea

Bottled Waters:
Fiji Bottled Water
Zao Bottled Water

Whole Milk
Chocolate Milk
Soy Milk

100% Apple
100% Orange
Pomegranate Cherry
Fruit Punch
Orange Pineapple
Ruby Red Grapefruit

Diet Lime Green Tea
Diet Peach Tea
Mango Madness

San Pellegrino
Root Beer
Cream Soda
Ginger Beer

All Natural Soda:
Fizzy Lizzy: delcicious brand of all natural soda, made of pure fruit juice & fizzy water... no chemicals or additives! (Ask your server for flavor availability.)

Cherry Coke
Vanilla Coke
Italian Soda
Italian Cream Soda

Syrups: Black Cherry*, Caramel*, Cherry , Coconut*, Hazelnut*, Irish Cream*, Peppermint, Pomegranate, Raspberry*, Strawberry, Vanilla* -- (* indicates sugar free availablity)

Hot Specialties:
Hot Chocolate
Teeccino (herbal coffee)
Tea Latte
Chai Latte
Cafe au Lait
Whipped Cream

Frozen Bevies:
Red Chai (herbal)
Matcha Mist Green Tea Smoothie
Iced Coffee

From the Coffee Bar:
Mocha Latte

She also offered Mary's Seasonal Sippers which were updated on our News page.