Mary's Announcements (updated 06.02.10)


The original location of Mary's Of Course at 301 Brookstown Avenue was finally purchased by Chef Kevin who plans to do Breakfast, Lunch and Sunday Brunch when he opens the SCREAMING ROOSTER! We can't wait to eat Sunday Brunch in our old place, since Breakfast Of Course is closed on Sundays!


***THIS IS IT (That's All Folks)!!

Mary's Of Course held our last Sunday Brunch on May 23! It was a Pajama Brunch and everyone wore PJ's! Help us put Mary's to bed, and thanks to everyone for an unbelievable 10 year run. The new restaraunt is at 723 Trade Street! Big love to all our regulars, we're excited about serving you in our new, amazing space! Check out our new website; designed by Miss Mary K!

click it!




Mary's Charity Auction!

Mary had a Charity Auction featuring memorabilia displayed around the cafe! Toys, tea, Hello Kitty collectibles, a salt & pepper set, a cream pitcher, a thermos, Pez dispensers and MORE! We raised over $400! (click HERE to see what was available.)




Mary's Blog features her journal entries about the final week of service at MOC. Click on the red text if you want to check out her Chronicle To Closing!




If you've never checked out Mary's Blog, you really should, as she will soon be dedicating more time to it than she was previously able to. In the mean time, our friends from Chapel Hill , Steven and Annie came to MOC on our final week of service for Annie's birthday! You may recall that they're the owners of the Time After Time vintage store in Chapel Hill that we love so much, which was recently written up in the April 13, 2010 issue of GQ Magazine as one of their "25 Best Vintage Stores In America"!!! Congrats Steven & Annie!




***Mary's Angels Deserve Their Propers!!


There was a time when it looked like Mary's Of Course wouldn't make it. Well...there've been a few times, but then there was that one time...for real! All the resources we could muster were tapped out...and as a last ditch effort we took the advice of Richard & Kim Emmett. We turned to the only people (that we hadn't already gotten help from) who might care whether we succeeded or failed; our friends and customers. It was a small personal dinner that Mary prepared, and a small group who gathered to hear our plea. When the evening was over, we had found the monetary resources (in small inter-personal loans) to continue operating until we regained our footing. We had also found out that asking for help from strangers and those you'd rather not burden with such problems can strengthen bonds and forge new friendships. Everyone left with full stomachs, temporarily lighter wallets and handscreened t-shirts made by Andy Seibert at the Wherehouse from a design donated by Zap quipping; "I Said It With Ca$h!" Our buddy Rick wore his shirt the last Saturday we were open, and we want to express our bottomless gratitude to him and all the other angels who stepped forward and made it possible for this dream to continue!



***Crunching the numbers!!


Mary's Of Course has begun the absurd task of compiling stats for what we've served over the past ten years. Mary's mother Nancy has been the dessert chef for quite some time, and recently passed on some mindboggling figures for us to digest:

2006: 22 quarts of rice pudding

2007: 54 quarts of rice pudding // 1,916 mini muffins // 15 quarts of apple butter

2008: 40 quarts of rice pudding // 3,893 mini muffins // 80 quarts of apple butter

2009: 46 quarts of rice pudding // 3,135 mini muffins // 150 quarts of apple butter

Grand Totals : 162 quarts of rice pudding // 8,944 mini muffins // 245 quarts of apple butter

And that's not including all the Coffee Cakes, Irish Soda Breads, Buttermilk Pies, Coconut Cakes, Poppy Seed Breads, Banana Breads, Apple Cinnamon Breads, and other desserts she has made! So, it's no wonder that Nancy has decided to move into a supervisory position at Breakfast Of Course, where she can advise the staff on achieving the proper quality from her recipies. In honor of her unflagging support, Nancy has been presented with a pair of commemorative muffin pan earrings as the Queen of Desserts.



End Of An Era - The Final Artist:

Mary's final artist was Daniel Von Seggen (who had at least 5 shows here in 10 years). He showed some his recent work as of May 2010 (abstract geometry, surrealist imagery, monkeymen, and other animals)! Plus their were several pieces from his robot series (from several years ago) AND a rare opportunity to see a piece from about 5 years ago (on loan from Ed Venard)! Over the lifespan of Mary's Of Course, it has been a great pleasure to bask in the atmosphere of so many local artists. We loved their work, and we know many of our customers did too. Please visit Breakfast Of Course to see the new local art vision of Mary's!

Click here to check out past Mary's Of Course artists at our Art-chive!




***Oh, by the way...we were in Southern Living!!


For those of you who missed it, Mary's Of Course was featured in the March 2010 issue of the deep-fried bible of American cuisine; SOUTHERN LIVING!! The magazine's staff ate their way across the state and chose their favorite breakfasts, which were featured in the North Carolina Living section:

"'Big Ed' Watkins founded this classic capital restaurant, and current owner Sam Hobgood keeps the things Raleigh residents love: huge portions of Southern favorites (four pancakes, not the usual three-stack), friendly service, and country decor (including farm implements)."

Don't Miss: The grilled biscuits with molasses or redeye gravy

"This establishment has been serving up Southern cooking (and coffee) since 1939. A cup of joe is 25 cents during breakfast hours (7:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. on weekdays and until 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays)."

Don't Miss: A liver mush-and-egg sandwich or liver mush biscuit

"This beloved Wall Street institution serves a wide variety of breakfasts all day, drawing from local produce…You'll find grit cakes topped with tomato, spinach, poached eggs, tomato gravy, and avocado for the nonmeat crowd. Bacon, country ham, or local sausage are also readily available."

Don’t Miss: Vegan Tofu Scramble, local sausage, and Sweet Potato Scramble

"Diner owner Brian Mayberry keeps standards like the Dixie Breakfast on the menu (eggs, bacon, grits or home fries, and toast or biscuit), but also throws some Southern-style curves."

Don't Miss: Fried Green Tomato BLT on Texas toast

"In Zada Jane’s, contemporary Charlotte has a funky all-day breakfast spot. Try one-of-a-kind creations like Booker T's East Side Hasher (sweet potato hash browns, frittata-style eggs, melted Cheddar cheese, green onions, and a choice of Grateful Growers pork sausage, turkey sausage, or 'soysage')."

Don't Miss: One of four unique Merry Yolker Tres Huevos Omelets or the Bunny Rancheros breakfast burrito

"A favorite item is Apple Butter Baby -- a combo of scrambled eggs, smoked sausage, and homemade apple butter on wheat toast."

Don't Miss: Breakfast Burrito




***Mary's Notably included in Best Of Triad 2010!

Mary’s Of Course was mentioned twice in the Yes Weekly "Best Of Triad 2010" readers poll this year!

Best Breakfast
Winner: Smith Street Diner, Greensboro
Runner-up: Tex & Shirley’s, Triad wide
Noteworthy: Mary’s of Course, Winston-Salem

Best Brunch
Winner: Green Valley Grill, Greensboro
Runner-up: Village Tavern, Triad wide
Noteworthy: Mary’s of Course, Winston-Salem

We were thrilled to pieces that our tiny little place was even mentioned in the same list as the massive Village Tavern chain, the awe inspiring Green Valley Grill and fabulous Tex & Shirley's (which is where we eat whenever we're in Greensboro for breakfast)! As for Smith Street Diner; we have not yet had the honor of dining there, but we certainly will now! (click here to peruse the full results).



***Breakfast Of Course, Mary's Too !!

News of Breakfast of Course, Mary’s Too hit the front page of the Winston Salem Journal under the headline "New school, restaurant are likely to draw attention to Seventh Street, Arts District"! Mary kept a low profile with this business venture, and was quite surprised when it appeared as front page news. Click on the red headline above to read the article. Among other things, you can expect Mary's penchant for local art and produce to be taken to the next level!



***Local Gift Ideas!!

Mary's Of Course long supported the local arts, and encouraged our customers to buy locally produced materials from locally owned businesses. So, we came up with a short list of things that may inspire you to do just that when searching for gift ideas this holiday season. Just go to our Special Page of local gift giving ideas to find out more!



*** MOC on PBS!!!

Mary's Of Course has now been on television! The UNC-TV show "North Carolina Weekend" featured a segment on MOC in August, but we have only just now gotten a link to that footage. The host, Deborah Holt Noel and her very talented cameraman, did a great job of editing and producing this segment into something that truly seems to capture the essence of Mary's Of Course. For those of you who missed the episode, or just wanted to watch it again; click on the image above, check it out and see if you don't agree.



*** Mary's Seasonal Sippers!

Mary's Seasonal Sippers, were beverages she had procured for a limited time to compliment the season. Mary introduced a number of teas to Winston Salem including Creativity and the Charleston Tea Company line. Mary loves tea and spends alot of time searching out and creating new and interesting beverages for her own satisfaction and enjoyment. Mary's Of Course had:.

Mary's Summer Elixirs, a variety of Sparkling Lemonades, Flowering Tea, Creativity Rooibos, Redbush Rooibos, Honey Yerba Mate Latte, Apple Cider, Aztec Cocoa, Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate, Red Chai smoothies, Green Tea smoothies, Matcha Mist smoothies, Bushman's Rooibos, Charleston Breakfast, Charleston Raspberry and a Red Hot Reindeer Milkshake. She also featured two weekly Special Iced Tea selections; listed on a small chalkboard. It was always fun to visit MOC and see what Mary was brewing for the current season; it was always delicious!



*** Mary meets Alice Waters!!!

For those of you who listened to her talk about food, visited the recomendations page on the Food Blog, or read the placards on the front counter of the old MOC, it should come as no surprise that Mary is the biggest fan of Chef Alice Waters. Having spent her teenagehood in the Philippines, Mary immediately understood the impact locally-grown fresh ingredients, and visiting the market every day could have at the table. When she opened Mary's Of Course, in 2000; a placard was made and installed in front of the cash register quoting Alice Waters. On September 24, 2009; Mary finally met her stovetop soulmate at the groundbreaking ceremonies for the Southeastern United States first edible schoolyard, in Greensboro, NC. As Waters says, it was "a long time coming."



*** Seeds Of Love For Errol!

Some customers who we became quick friends with, and gave advice to when they needed to start a bakery, had a child named Errol who was born with a heart defect called pulmonary atresia. Well, it turns out, we weren't the only people they're friends with; as a community project supporting Errol Clifford and his family was born from their need. It was called Seeds of Love for Errol, and the event happened September 19th, 2009 at the Vintage Theatre. Local people lovingly grew food and donated it, which was then lovingly prepared by local chefs donating their time. Then about 400 people bought a ticket, ate some amazing food, enjoyed the live music donated by the Darnell Woodies and the acapella group, drank the donated wine and went home feeling that all was right in the world; at least for that evening. Sadly, Errol only lived for 3 more months, but he touched the hearts opf more people in this town than anyone else we know. For more details and pictures of the event, here or on Errol's picture.



*** Samb has a Blog about the music of The Wherehouse!!!

Well, it's not got much to do with MOC, but if you want to check it out, click on the image above.


*** Smitty’s Notes Annual “Best of Winston-Salem” Awards July 2009!!!

The votes have been tabulated and the results are in! 2009's awards include:

Ollie's Bakery won for Best Bakery!! (Hey, we make sandwiches with their bread...)

Krankies won for Best Coffee!! (Hey, we make coffee drinks with their beans...)

Trevor Dye of Meridian Restaurant won for Best Chef!! (Hey he's our buddy from next door)

The Garage won for Best Live Music venue (Hey don't some of Mary's staff work there?)

West End Cafe won for Best Lunch (Hey, we have a long history with them too)

Skippy's won for best Hot Dog (Hey, we've eaten his Rueben Dog )

Café Prada won for best Gelato (Hey, we've had his greek yogurt gelato)

And lots of other people, who we aren't as familiar with, but have obviously done a great job! Check out the full list at Smitty's Notes. Umm, am I forgetting something... Oh, yeah!

Mary's Of Course won the Best Breakfast, Best Brunch, runner up for Best Vegetarian Food and runner up for Best Health Food (against two grocery stores!?!)...WOW!!! Thanks for voting us the best in so many categories once again! We don't take this kind of honor lightly, and certainly not for granted. Mary and her staff did their best every year to satisfy and serve, you our customers to the best of our abilities.



*** MOC, fashion models & Bowman Grey Racing?!

Some new customers introduced themselves to us and the woman told us she had written about MOC on her blog. The couple were Annie ( a fashion model and avid blogger) and Brian (who was in town for the summer making a documentary about Bowman Grey Racing). One of our staff members, Jacob recently left MOC for greener pastures, but not before he got to serve these California residents a great big Mary's Of Course meal. We hope they had fun here in our small town, and wish them the best in their filmmaking and modeling endeavors in California. We certainly do appreciate the kind words and are pleased to return the favor. So, check out Annie's blog by clicking here. Watch your local listings for Madhouse; the TV show that resulted from this!







*** Mary's Of Course & WFDD: Pledge Drive 2009!

Mary's has been supporting 88.5 WFDD for a number of years, but this is the first time we've captured it in pictures. She's seen above cranking out breakfast burittos bright and early (6:00 am) on a Monday morning by herself. Then it's into the car, and a mad rush across town before rush hour traffic starts to the WFDD studios. Where she lays them out for the staff and volunteers as they drum up support for their Spring Pledge Drive. We hope fans of Mary's value public radio as much as we do, and remember to give a donation in their quest to provide listener-supported in-depth programming!



***Mary Says It With Cash!

Mary initiated a new way to save everyone a little cash! With credit card processing fees and all the other hidden banking charges we've all come to despise, running us all deeper in debt; Mary invented a new SAY IT WITH CASH card. This involved encouraging our customers to pay with cash for any purchase over $5, instead of plastic or checks. When your card was punched twenty times; you got a $10 gift certificate to use at MOC! Of course, the card had to be present at each purchase. This cut down on our costs, and consequently kept the prices you paid for our food low. Just one more way to keep money in our community and help us all through the tough times.



A t-shirt sewn into a carry out bag

***Mary's Got A Brand New Bag

In another brainstorm from Mary, we had re-usable to-go bags that got you 10% off your to-go order! This was inspired by something Mary saw on her honeymoon in New Mexico, and tried to bring to fruition for over a year. A number of people said they'd take on the project, but it's Mary's daughter Tamis who gets props for sitting down and turning a bunch of t-shirts into fabulous to-go bags! (This particular bag was once an advertisement for a School Of The Arts West Side Story performance.)




*** Mary liked to update the Tea Menu!

Mary alwasy liked to work on a new Tea Menu and come up with new offerings. At one time they were: 1) Bancha; a Japanese tea with herbaceous aroma, smooth character and a pale jade liquor, 2) South African Honeybush; an herbal infusion with a pleasing floral-citrus flavor, 3) Chrysanthemum flowers which yield a gold infusion with mild honey-like notes and savory Sage nuances, and 4) Almond; a black tea with bits of almond.

Mary was also happy to share the now popular Tulsi Tea, made from the most sacred herb of India; the Holy Basil plant. We're particularly proud of this product, as we introduced it to the menu in 2004, and we now see it all over town. Better health to everyone!


***Anything concerning Mary & Samb's honeymoon, wedding and other travels has been moved to Mary's new Food Blog.