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Daniel Von Seggen (May 2010)

End Of An Era - The Final Artist:

Mary's final artist was Daniel Von Seggen (who had at least 5 shows here in 10 years). He showed some his recent work at the time (abstract geometry, surrealist imagery, monkeymen, and other animals)! Plus several pieces from his robot series (from several years ago) AND a rare opportunity to see a piece from about 5 years ago (on loan from Ed Venard)! Over the lifespan of Mary's Of Course, it was a great pleasure to bask in the atmosphere of so many local artists. We loved their work, and we know many of our customers did too. MOC became a favorite for artists due to so many patrons purchasing their wares. Please visit Breakfast Of Course to see the new local art vision of Mary's!

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A Call For Help :

After ten years of frantic involvement in the running of Mary's Of Course, we are finally taking a little time to step back and organize our memories of past events at MOC. In this process we have been compiling as comprehensive a list of all our past artists, as we possibly can. It has become eveident that there are gaps we are having trouble filling, so we're asking for your help. If you have Art opening posters, or pictures taken inside the cafe that incidentally show what art was hanging on the walls; we are interested. Our main focus is on determining who the artists were for each month. As of this writing (May 14, 2010) we need to know any information you might have about:

July-October 2000

March-December 2005

January, March & April 2006

Thanks for any help you may be sending our way -samb & mary


After over a year of trying to track down old artwork that was shown at MOC, we were able to get a piece from the very first artshow! John Blackburn graciously helped us track down and shoot one of his paintings from 1998, that he hung at our first artshow when we opened in June of 2000! Check out the Art-chive to see more !


Go here for our first video of an art opening; Amanda Dunn's runway show(!!!):

What we used to tell people about our Art Shows...

Mary's Of Course Cafe was more than proud to support local art & artists; considering it an integral part of what Mary's stood for. We felt that by encouraging artists to hang paintings, sketches, collages, photos and minor sculptures; we were fostering yet another important connection between our customers and the community we live in.

The art on the walls of Mary's Cafe served a number of purposes. The most obvious benefits were in decorating our dining room, as anyone who visited between shows could attest; it was mighty bare without it. Another advantage was the exposure the artists got to our clientele, who it turned out were solid supporters of the arts! For many artists with burgeoning careers Mary's was their first show, and the community's initial introduction to their art. Often our shows over the 10 years completely sold out; sometimes on opening night! In fact, Mary was told by a number of established artists in the area, that she sold more art for them than any other gallery in town! Prospective artists had to be aware that we maintained a 1-2 year waiting list at times! We believed it was yet another piece of our mission to not just feed you, but to encourage the interconnected nature of Winston-Salem. We are so happy that our commitment to local artists resulted in a strengthening of our community, and it's something we're admittedly proud of.

Before we take all the credit, we should point out that visionaries George Jacobs and William Shearburn started the revitalization of our downtown by establishing Urban Artware on Trade Street in 1986. We personally are indebted to Cynthia Giles who's commitment to art before us with Penny Universitie, sent us off in the right direction by inheriting a handful of her artists when she closed her doors in 1999.

We usually held art openings at Mary's on the first Friday or Saturday of each month, though sometimes circumstances conspired to make them happen off schedule.

In any case, Mary's lovely (and don't forget scawey) daughter Tamis booked the artists for our Cafe for the final 6 years. Thanks for reading about the art at Mary's Of Course Cafe. Please enjoy the rest of our website and check out past Mary's Of Course artists at our Art-chive!