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Monday, May 17, 2010 (6 days to go!):
This is my last Monday alone with my little restaurant. I don't seem to be able to leave. I've been here for hours and somehow it feels like only a few minutes. This tiny space has changed me and my life forever. Mondays are when the restaurant and I bond in solitude. No one is here to bother us, we re-group, inventory, check for wounds or damage, kill flies, take stock, drink tea, eat breakfast and enjoy the silent hum of the machines. Each piece of equipment has it's own voice, and believe me; they let me know when they're in trouble. (Sometimes they even call me when I'm not here!) This space is the realization of an impossible dream! Now, 10 years into our run, we are moving to a dream so fantastic, that even I dared not dream it!! I am profoundly sad and yet unbelievably thrilled in the same breath! I am bombarded by a new emotion every other minute...and it's only Monday.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010:
So...I think the restaurant is mad at me...everything is breaking and acting up! I walked through the dish pit and my Hello Kitty ankle bracelet, which I've worn in here for years, was ripped off my leg by a low cart. A gentle good-bye would be nice! This restaurant has tried to kill me on more than one occasion. However, (according to Will Smith), "Greatness is born on the brink of destruction!" In other words; if you come thru trials alive and well, you'll be stronger, wiser and fulfilling your potential. One of my biggest fears has been that of leading a mediocre life. Thanks to the "Spiritual Boot Camp" of owning and running this place for the last ten years...that fear has not been realized. My life may be chaotic, hard, crazy and confusing...but never mediocre or boring. Yay!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010:
Okay, so Wednesday is my usual day off, but I wanted to be here everyday of the last week. So glad I was here too...we got crushed!! Everyone is coming in to eat at Mary's one more time...which is so awesome. I was so busy all day, I didn't really feel anything. When I left I went straight to Mooney's, so I could have some food that comforted me. Yummy! Hummus, lentil soup, fried cauliflower with sesame dressing, mint tea...and pistachio baklava!! Renewed!! The rest of the day was a blur of activity, shopping for the restaurant and the bittersweet task of buying going-away presents for a few precious employees-friends who will not be coming with us to the new space.

Thursday, May 20, 2010:
There's a large ball of something gathering in the pit of my stomach. It is all at once excitement, anxiety, sadness, joy and an overwhelming desire to break out in the 'Snoopy' dance!!! I'm pretty sure the whole thing is going to explode on Sunday...and it ain't gonna be pretty! Hysteria, anyone? I'm just staying really busy in the hope that busy hands results in less insanity.

Friday, May 21, 2010:
3 DAYS LEFT!!! I think I have so many emotions that my system has jammed, leaving me on autopilot. The reality that Mary's Of Course! is closing hasn't really sunk in yet. The weekend is going to be intense! I feel like I need to put on some kind of protective armor for my heart...but that's not what I'll do. I'm here to feel it all...good, bad...everything! Bring it!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010:
Can you say exhausted? I could not sleep last night...only got about three and a half hours. My mind wouldn't turn off. So I've been pretty manic all day...real up mood until about 6:00 pm...then I crashed. Lots of people came today because they can't make the Pajama Brunch tomorrow. A few came today and they're coming back tomorrow. So...I will try to sleep tonight and face timorrow with some kind of equilibrium...and just keep reminding myself; it's only good-bye to the space and not to all the wonderful people who've supported us over the years!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010: Last Sunday Brunch at Mary's Of Course!
What an amazing 10 years! The Little Restaurant That Could! Thanks to all my wonderful crew, my family, and especially all you consistently fabulous people who kept showing up! Of course, we will all miss this funky little spot...but the new space is amazing, and I'm ready to build memories there!!! Love, Mary


Hello! You have arrived at Mary's Food Blog. If you intended to visit Mary's Of Course Cafe website just click here. Well, we're tried something new here, as we discovered that one of the most popular pages for the Cafe website was the trip journal Mary & Samb posted of their honeymoon in New Mexico. The response was unanimous, and overwhelming! Believe it or not, we received an e-mail from a group of ladies in Texas who liked what they read SO much, that they followed our triptik when they visited New Mexico! The comments we've gotten time and again, are over the photos of the food (taken by Samb), the decriptions of the meals (journaled by Mary) and the travelogue of unusual places we like to visit (both of us). So, what we were testing here, was a continuation of that idea.

Our plan was to write up various trips we took, and see what developed. To start with, the three pages that inspired this blog, involving our Wedding - Reception & Honeymoon which were moved from the Cafe website to here. Once we closed Mary's Of Course!, we decided to stop doing this Blog and start a new one on the Breakfast Of Course Website.