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Mary's Of Course is closed! (updated 9.15.10)

Anything concerning Mary & Samb's honeymoon, wedding and other travels has been moved to Mary's new Food Blog.



Mary's Of Course held our last Sunday Brunch on May 23, 2010! It was a Pajama Brunch and everyone was supposed to wear PJ's! An awful lot of people played along and wore their jammies, and then there were those who'd never eaten here and asked, "...umm...do people here wear pajamas to this cafe all the time?!" We put Mary's to bed with style (mary's funky style, that is)! Thanks to everyone for an unbelievable 10 year run. We moved MOC in a day and a half, and had 12 days to get the new space up and running before the Grand opening of Breakfast Of Course June 4th, 2010 (at 723 Trade Street)! We're so excited about serving you in our new, amazing space! Big love to all the 'regulars' wh've made the transition.


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Mary's Charity Auction Is Over!

Mary had a Charity Auction featuring memorabilia you might have seen displayed around the cafe! Toys, tea, Hello Kitty collectibles, a salt & pepper set, a cream pitcher, a thermos, Pez dispensers and MORE! A number of items received amazing bids from people who wanted to support our charity and buy a piece of Mary's Of Course before we closed! Over $400 were raised!!! (click HERE to see what was available.)



There were SOOOO many things going on in the final week of service at MOC, including Mary posting a daily journal on her Blog !! Thanks for being with us to the end! Though this site might get an occasional update, since MOC is no more, for all intents and purposes this site is only a piece of history. Similarly, Mary's Blog is the beginning of Mary's interest in blogging about her travel experiences, but not the end! Her new blog is forthcoming at our new BOC website!



If you want to see when news of Breakfast of Course, Mary’s Too first hit the front page of the Winston Salem Journal under the headline "New school, restaurant are likely to draw attention to Seventh Street, Arts District"; click on the red headline above to read the article.

Then there's the fact that we're finally linked to the segment that North Carolina Weekend did on Mary's Of Course! If you missed it, MOC was featured on public television and you can now see it by scrolling down and clicking the link on the extreme left of this page (which will take you to Youtube), or by going to our NEWS page (where you can watch the segment without going to Youtube)!

As always; thank you for being part of the restaurant dream Mary had 9 years ago. We're very proud of what our community accomplished, and have decided to leave this site up as a memorial and archive. For now, just browse the site and enjoy the memories. You could start by checking out how much art we cataloged over 10 years in our ART-CHIVE! Also check out the video of Mary's meeting her hero, Alice Waters (click the image of Mary to the lower left).

Then there's our NEWS page, which includes Mary's Of Course! being featured in Southern Living, Mary's Of Course! There's a photo-montage of the Seeds Of Love Benefit For (our dearly departed) Errol that happened September 19th, 2009. There are “Best of Winston-Salem” Awards, Samb's blog dedicated to the music of the Wherehouse (which he will not be able to update until after the big move) and many other surprises! If any of these piques your interest, please check the NEWS page for more info.

You might also want to check out Mary's Food Blog, which involves road trips and the cuisine that delighted Mary's palate. We've visited some great spots, like America's only Tea Plantation, the oldest continous village in the United States and some of the best that North Carolina has to offer as well!


Something about Mary's . . . It only took ten short years for Winston-Salem's best kept secret, to become one of North Carolina's best breakfast spots! And now we've moved on the other pastures. Ah, but Southern folk rarely keep secrets well; anything worth being a secret, is probably worth telling someone else. We felt blessed that so many people deemed us worthy of gossiping about! We were shocked and delighted to find ourselves with a global reputation; some of our biggest fans lived as far away as Seattle, Las Vegas, Switzerland and Japan! Though these customers sometimes found us by lucky accident, they always let us know how much they appreciated the great food and unique atmosphere. In fact, some of the wonderful memorabilia and decor once displayed in Mary's arrived in the mail as gracious gifts from afar, in recognition of our amazing food and downhome hospitality. So, thank you SO much to our regulars and long distance supporters! Perhaps you have come to our website and never had an MOC experience. If that's the case, we now have a bigger and better location at 321 Trade Street called Breakfast Of Course (BOC for short)! If you're wondering about the groundwork that got us there; we encourage you to continue reading and browse our website to find out more about Mary's Of Course! Keep in mind, that most everything you read about here has been further explored and developed at BOC.

Mary's Of Course was a family-owned and run Cafe that served breakfast and lunch 6 days a week (being closed on Mondays). Nearly everything was made from scratch and assembled at the time of your order. It came to our attention that these two simple ideas; 1) fresh food from scratch, 2) assembled while you wait, were practically a novelty to many people. We can't begin to count the number of times Mary has been asked WHAT she put in the soup, eggs, grits, etc. Many people found it hard to believe she hadn't rigged the food with some 'special' ingredient. Perhaps it was the LACK of strange ingredients that blows people's minds and taste buds.

What goes in the grits? Water, grits, butter, salt & pepper. Why are they SO good? Because they're stone-ground grits from a local mill, with unsalted butter, kosher salt and coarsely ground black pepper. Sure, these things are a bit more expensive than instant bleached grits, cheap butter (salt covers up the impurities), and standard salt & pepper; but that wouldn't be the quality meal Mary wants to serve you. This explanation, applies to the entire menu, of course. Mary's goal is to make delicious, fresh comfort food that will feed you; body and soul. As a result, you won't find any deep-fried items, soups out of a bag, canned fruit cocktail, or dressings out of a bottle. And even though you may think there can't be THAT much difference between what you'll get at Mary's and what you may find elsewhere; your BODY will know the difference. If you came to Mary's Of Course Cafe, you might have found yourself asking, "What did she PUT in this?!?"

Be prepared to spend a little time with us; it's not good for your digestion to inhale your food and run. We encourage you to have a different restaurant experience. Bring a friend, have a conversation while you eat, take a moment to enjoy your food, make new friends, bring your sufficiently behaved children, absorb the atmosphere and relax.

Please feel free to browse this archival website; we hope you find it entertaining and informative. Thank you for visiting the official website for Mary's Of Course Cafe; the original proud home of the Apple Butter Baby sandwich (now found at Breakfast Of Course)!

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