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Mary & Samb's Asheville Trip 2008

Well we're still under construction here, so please forgive us. The details are still coming together, but here's a couple of pictures to test this page with. Please come back another time when we've got this whole trip arranged properly.

What follows is a daytrip to Asheville that Mary & Samb took in mid-June 2008. We were just looking to get away for a day or so to recharge our batteries. I'm afraid I didn't take enough pictures to make this as exciting as the trip to New Mexico. Ce la vie.

We drove into town and ate dinner at Salsas; one of Mary's favorite eateries in Asheville. By the time I remembered I'd brought my camera, our plates were cleaned of our delicious dinner!


Our Bed & Breakfast that was once an old church.

Mary's neice Tegan hooked us up with a friend of her's Bed & Breakfast. We arrived near dusk and were in awe of the work they'd put into it. The original steeple had been recycled into a hood fan for the stove! Not to mention all the handmade furniture and woodwork throughout the space. The rooms in the basement weren't nearly as decadent as this, but we were just looking for a place to crash. They were very hospitable, and it was so quiet and peaceful, we overslept by about 3 hours! It worked out perfectly and we felt like we'd been away for something more infinite than a weekend.



We weren't on any tight schedule, so Mary enjoyed her morning tea in their massive living room. These astounding chairs were much more comfortable than they look. Note the original church windows in the background. I should've taken a picture of their bathroom, which had an outer wall made up almost entirely of these old windows!


Before a nice leisurely ride back to Winston, we dropped in for brunch at a little cafe called Over Easy, where Tegan worked. Very similar to Mary's own cafe; Yum!