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This page archives some of the artists who had shows at Mary's Of Course. Enjoy!

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Daniel Von Seggen - "Stingray" (May 2010: our final artshow! )

Marty Rogers - "Bossom Buddies" (April 2010)

Mandy Hockensmith - "Manchurian Crane" (March 2010: split show with Amanda Hollis)

Amanda Hollis - "Bull Kelp Fairytales" (March 2010: split show with Mandy Hockensmith)

Laurie Russell "Spotted Dalmation" (February 2010)

McGee "Graffiti Guy " (January 2010: split show with Adele Bezvidenhout)

Adele Bezvidenhout "Star Flower" (January 2010: split show with McGee)

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John Blackburn "Private Eye Towing " (December 2009)

Heather Evans Smith "Domesticated" (November 2009)

Sarah Whittington "Peppers" (October 2009)

Stacey Sigmond "Listen To Lou Reed " (September 2009)

Zap McConnell "Cueritos" (August 2009)

Amanda Dunn (July 2009)

Aaron Robbins "Iris" (June 2009)

Vanessa Hollifield "Jeremiah 1.5" (May 2009)

Abigail Seaton "Purple Iris" (April 2009)

Jennifer Toft "Planned Carrothood" (March 2009)

Liz Simnmons "Cupcake Groundhog" & Gabby Cardall "Needlepoint Stove" (Feb Group 2009)

Tamis Brewer "Knit Cupcakes & Felted Hearts" (February Group Show 2009)

Laura Lashley "Bears Love Breakfast At Night " (February Group Show 2009)

Laurie Russell "Mrs. Baker" (January 2009)

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Haydee Thompson "Invisible Finish Line" (December 2008)

John Blackburn (November 2008)

Liz Simmons (October 2008)

No image available

Priscilla Williams (September 2008) & Vanessa Hollifield (August 2008)

Daniel Von Seggen (July 2008)

Shayna E. Parker (June 2008)

Kat Lamp "Rockin' In The Forest" (May 2008: collaborative show with
Lawrence Holdsworth and Robbin Baker.)

Jody Erikson "Girl In The Moonlight" (April 2008: split show with Steve Tesh)

Steve Tesh "Holy Christmas" [close-up] (April 2008: split show with Jody Erikson)

Andrew Scott Fansler "Cushy Fort " (March 2008)

Freddie Mills "Before Now" (February 2008: Enrichment Center group show)

Mike Sheppard "Greener Pastures" (January 2008: split show with Judy Sheppard)

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Liz Simmons "Clematis" (December 2007)

Zap McConnell "Heart" (November 2007)

Vanessa Hollifield "Amor" (October 2007)

Jaeson Pitt (September 2007)

No image available

unknown artist (August 2007)

John Blackburn (July 2007)

Haydee Thompson (June 2007)

No image available

unknown artists (January-May 2007)

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Robert Ruckman (2006)

Daniel Von Seggen "Key Master" (2006)

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No image available
Jason Blevins (September 2005)

No image available

Eric Wilder (December 2005)
Zap McConnell (November 2005)
Jack Hernon (Ocotber 2005)
Liz Simmons (August 2005)
unknown artist (July 2005)
Laurie Russell (June 2005)
Chris Edwards (May 2005)
Daniel Von Seggen (April 2005)
Clark & Sarah Whittington (March 2005)
Haydee Thompson (February 2005)
Cheryl Cook & Jody Erikson (January 2005)

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Jody Erikson (May 2004)

Sarah Whittington (April 2004)

No image available

Three Blackburns & A Brewer (December 2004)
Jim Yestrepsky (November 2004)
Laura Lashley (October 2005)
Bill Clubb (September 2004)
Holly Kingman/Wright (August 2004)
???Traci Lindenthal (July 2004)
Liz Simmons & Chuck Russell (June 2004)
Brian Zimmerman (March 2004)
Minette Bell (February 2004)
Chris Edwards (January 2004)

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John & Teresa Blackburn (December 2003)

No image available

Rachel Galloway (November 2003)
Laurie Russell (October 2003)
Jason Blevins (September 2003)

David Listokin (August 2003)

Jim Yestrepsky (July 2003)

Daniel Von Seggen (June 2003)

No image available

Darrell Blackburn (May 2003 paintings)
Matthew Petersen (April 2003)

Akasha (March 22, 2003)

Christine Rucker (March 2003)

No image available

Nicholas Weir (February 2003)
Liz Simmons & Chuck Russell (January 2003)

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Zap McConnell (December 2002)

unknown (November 2002)

Kat Lamp, Laura Lashley & Jamie Brown (October 2002)

No image available

Laura Lashley & Tracey Bowden (September 2002)
Mary's Family (August 2002)

Jody Erikson (July 2002)

No image available

Laurie Russell (June 2002)
Bonnie Nelson (May 2002)

Elizabeth Tamer (April 2002)

Everette Funches (March 2002)

Daniel Von Seggen "Mindscape" (February 2002)

No image available

Walter Stone (January 2002)

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David A. Jones "Thrilla In Manilla" (November 2001)

No image available

Zack Lance Family (December 2001)
Tara Love & Jason Strom (October 2001)

Mike Locke (September 2001)

Richard Boyd (August 2001)

No image available

In Retrospect: Multimedia 1st Anniversary exhibition (July 2001)

Kendall Johnson-Priest (June 2001)

No image available

Clark Whittington (May 2001)

Laura Lashley & Tracey Bowden (April 2001)

No image available

Zap McConnell (March 2001)
James Yestrepsky (February 2001)

LostNoiz (January 2001)

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Jody Erikson (December 2000)

No image available

John Martineau (November 2000)
Kelly Parsley (October 2000)
unknown artists (July-September 2000)

John Blackburn "Who Isn't The Devil?" (June 2000: our first artshow!)